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Lev Cameron

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Hey guys its' Lev Cameron Piper Rockelle's boyfriend. Today I'm bringing you vape prank on angry girlfriend, gone wrong. DISCLAIMER!! There is no smoking in this video, this video is to bring awareness to smokers, and teen vappers. I have links in the description to help those who want to quit. Also in this vape prank i got my moms reaction, and things went wrong fast. Stay tuned till the end to see how my girlfriend reacts. If you enjoy these quarantine vlogs with my girlfriend and even the squad LIKE and SUBSCRIBE
#prank #girlfriend #reaction
(((((((((((WAYS TO QUIT VAPING!! )))))))))))))))
----**who was in the video**---
Piper Rockelle
Jentzen Ramirez:
Ayden Mekus:

Hey the names Cameron, Lev Cameron. Welcome to my youtube challenge. Here you can learn and see more about me and my life. I'm a professional dancer, a social media star, and a young actor. I've been living in Hollywood for a long time, and I now do videos with my friends, and my awesome Girlfriend Piper Rockelle. You may have seen me on her Instagram page or her youtube page dancing or posing for some funny photos, and videos. On my page, you can find great challenge videos like last to's, 24 hours, reactions, pranks, dances, songs, and many more so make sure you subscribe for a WILD ride.

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Valerie Ayala
Valerie Ayala 37 daqiqa oldin
Bruh but how don't they literally seee the camera!!
karsyn silbernagel
karsyn silbernagel 5 soat oldin
Jentzen: *takes vape* Jentzen: I'm just hold on that... Me: O.o
Toping Francisco
Toping Francisco 8 soat oldin
Piper and Jen are so cute together 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
LilaForSure 8 soat oldin
your mum lol she went crazy 😭😭😭
Kxrlx Dxminguxz
Kxrlx Dxminguxz 8 soat oldin
Girl please your like 13 or 14 i dont know and you wear crop tops and having boyfriends like cmon now. 🙄
Javonte Gaskins
Javonte Gaskins 9 soat oldin
I luv u guys😍😍💯💯💯💯😀😀😀
Ivanna Montano
Ivanna Montano 9 soat oldin
dude i laughed so bad when jentzen smacked the vape out of levs and and how lev screamed when he did it
Ivanna Montano
Ivanna Montano 9 soat oldin
dude i laughed so bad when jentzen smacked the vape out of levs and and how lev screamed when he did it
charly and meme Jones
charly and meme Jones 9 soat oldin
i never vape .
Alystine briceno
Alystine briceno 10 soat oldin
When he did his intro I actually thought he was high. For reals...
Alystine briceno
Alystine briceno 9 soat oldin
@Maksy Ezeonu What?
Maksy Ezeonu
Maksy Ezeonu 10 soat oldin
and yes i liked ur comments and my replies
Maksy Ezeonu
Maksy Ezeonu 10 soat oldin
and yeah me too lol
Maksy Ezeonu
Maksy Ezeonu 10 soat oldin
i feel like u will respond rlly quick
Maksy Ezeonu
Maksy Ezeonu 10 soat oldin
oh hi it says for me u wrote this less than a minute ago
Crystal Williams
Crystal Williams 11 soat oldin
I’m saded 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Hellothere hi
Hellothere hi 11 soat oldin
Lev was so smooth when he dropped it in front of Piper.. that was awesome.
Chloe Mount Matney
Chloe Mount Matney 11 soat oldin
People at my school vape when they are 12. Its awful
Jessica Salinas
Jessica Salinas 11 soat oldin
Brooklyn Dixon
Brooklyn Dixon 11 soat oldin
✨Bella's thorne's house✨
* † ghost girl † *
* † ghost girl † * 13 soat oldin
damn * hits 💨 *
Devangi Prasannan
Devangi Prasannan 14 soat oldin
Y’all, the way everyone like jumps on and starts yelling.... RIP ahead phone users... Ooooo also plz subscribe to my channel! Luv u all!!!
Jose Vera
Jose Vera 15 soat oldin
Lev u are a legendary prankster
Marlos Mal X Carlos
Marlos Mal X Carlos 15 soat oldin
I like how jentzen take up for piper and hit lev because he hit piper I ship #Jiper
OMGG! 15 soat oldin
Lets play soccor ball with the vape
Aubrie Mercer
Aubrie Mercer 15 soat oldin
i laghed so hard haha lol
Amanda Cameron
Amanda Cameron 15 soat oldin
yeah true bruh
the qqe fam
the qqe fam 15 soat oldin
Jorja Clark
Jorja Clark 15 soat oldin
Shila Cowart
Shila Cowart 16 soat oldin
I meant good
Shila Cowart
Shila Cowart 16 soat oldin
Irena’s reaction was soooooo goos
Jojo Rodriguez
Jojo Rodriguez 16 soat oldin
I love how in almost every video there’s someone always in pipers closet
Waffle Duhh
Waffle Duhh 16 soat oldin
Guys let’s spread awareness to not vape. Nobody The squad. Gotta prank vape
Adriana Vivar
Adriana Vivar 16 soat oldin
It's kinda weird that jenzen just came out of nowhere in pipers room susssss
Sophie Diaz Gumbs
Sophie Diaz Gumbs 17 soat oldin
Bruh I vape , but I’ve only gotten on e
Tiara See
Tiara See 18 soat oldin
Tell piper I said hi I wanna be a part of the squad🥰
Rene Farfan
Rene Farfan 18 soat oldin
jasmine bazann
jasmine bazann 18 soat oldin
Who else feels like piper and Jentzen would make a cutter couple 💙❤
Daily life with Kai
Daily life with Kai 18 soat oldin
kyndall hayes
kyndall hayes 19 soat oldin
Hmmmmm stop the vape
Lucy Enderle
Lucy Enderle 19 soat oldin
Somebody was expelled at my school for this
Baddie4ever 19 soat oldin
Jentzen and Piper acting like parents and saying it's dangerous
SimplyVictoriaROBLOX 19 soat oldin
LMFAOO 😅😅 When I saw the Title, When I tell you I screamed, I SCREAMEDD Of how Funny I knew this vape would be! And it's so funny how Jentzen and Piper were kicking the Vape like a Soccer Ball, Beating Up Lev, Teaming up, Shouting at Him and all this other stuff 🤣🤣
Today With JUNI
Today With JUNI 19 soat oldin
11:45 Jentzen: *slaps Lev’s hand 11:50 Piper: *kicks vape like a soccer ball across the room* Me: 👩🤏👩‍🦲
SOPHIA MATOS 20 soat oldin
But how Jensen kickers the vape I’m like wow!
Carlos Marin Deathwish
Carlos Marin Deathwish 20 soat oldin
Hell yeah don’t vape guys do weed instead I prefer to that it releases stress
Jovan Chambers is
Jovan Chambers is 21 soat oldin
How old is lev
Idil Su Altintas
Idil Su Altintas 21 soat oldin
But why did they start beating him up? They should try to help him not hurt him more
Gabriela Pleitez Pineda
Gabriela Pleitez Pineda 21 soat oldin
my god father smokes and we all try to stop him and my dad friend is drunk he drinks
Anna Norton
Anna Norton 21 soat oldin
umm , piper needs calm down its his life weither its fake or not. it’s his choices not hers n if she’s gonna break up w him for that she omg just no-
Dorene Schoeman
Dorene Schoeman 21 soat oldin
Dorene Schoeman
Dorene Schoeman 21 soat oldin
My mom and pap,smoks
Katie Lenning
Katie Lenning 21 soat oldin
My parents have stopped smoking for two months and they are going strong
Hunter Creech
Hunter Creech 21 soat oldin
Piper overreacted
Rie Pie
Rie Pie 21 soat oldin
My whole house hold vapes so i mean like
Chloe Nelson
Chloe Nelson 23 soat oldin
I love the girl with the iPad so cheesy but funny. Thanks for bringing awareness to this topic!
TG Skittle
TG Skittle Kun oldin
i started at 10 and it took me 2 years to stop vaping
anjali.arjun shah
anjali.arjun shah Kun oldin
I love how jentzen and piper gang up on lev because they care about him
TocaII11 Peachy
TocaII11 Peachy Kun oldin
My brothers friends are smoking and their only 13!
Melissa Pierre
Melissa Pierre Kun oldin
Thank you Jesus!!
Isabella Canelon
Isabella Canelon Kun oldin
thats not even a vape its a puff
Lerecia Nickerson
Lerecia Nickerson Kun oldin
dear person reading this,pls dont vape it is bad for your lungs ad health. :D
Lily Grocutt
Lily Grocutt Kun oldin
omg you turned the comments on plz ignore the hate and plz think positve
Namadah Williams
Namadah Williams Kun oldin
I’m starting to think they only dating for UZpost cuz how did she not seen the camera and this gotta be fake
Cupcake Gacha
Cupcake Gacha Kun oldin
I’m under aged but I do it sometimes and it’s not that bad- DONT JUGDE MEHH💀
Eva Jackson
Eva Jackson Kun oldin
Why is everyone getting likes but i am not
winterrose madden
winterrose madden Kun oldin
No thx haha I will keep my golden tobacco
Lucero Fagoaga
Lucero Fagoaga Kun oldin
11:04 Jentzen coming out of the closet and look up piper is just up and so reveling what are they doing hoking up🤔😘
luna mela
luna mela Kun oldin
i agre they look so sus
luna mela
luna mela Kun oldin
Lev cam to her house and look how she looks and why did Jensen came out of the closet when he berrly came to her house and Jensen was in the closet and is piper and Jensen hoking up in secret
Lucero Fagoaga
Lucero Fagoaga Kun oldin
OK i have to agree
Sarah Shiwani
Sarah Shiwani Kun oldin
aesthetic_ fidgets-
aesthetic_ fidgets- Kun oldin
No hate, just a question. Wouldn’t the pranks be obvious by now?
priscilla anaya
priscilla anaya Kun oldin
i vape
Janelle Jackson
Janelle Jackson Kun oldin
omg i was dying when jentzen hit him
Kaliah Howard
Kaliah Howard Kun oldin
He said at his age...... My friend is 10 0-0
Ava Lu
Ava Lu Kun oldin
I’m in 6th grade and here gossip abt 7th and 8th graders vaping and this one kid in 6th grade(my grade) was caught selling vapes it’s really sad
Anime is Life
Anime is Life 2 soat oldin
I’m in 6th too, and some kids at my school they vape
Sunwin Sibounheuang
Sunwin Sibounheuang Kun oldin
At least piper didn't say can I try it or can i have some at least she doesnt support it
Kailee Scruggs
Kailee Scruggs Kun oldin
Me: what movie is that 😂🤣😂
Omar A.
Omar A. Kun oldin
I love how jetzen protects piper when lev was on top of her and I love how jetzen slapped it out of his hand
stefani hidayat
stefani hidayat Kun oldin
My dad smokes and my moms friend always tells my mom to try to vape so now sometimes my mom vaps and i hate my moms friend now😞😤😤😤
Jordan Prado
Jordan Prado Kun oldin
No vaping no smoking nobody gives a fuck
protec kakashi
protec kakashi Kun oldin
That vape container: bro like why-IHDKDSK STOP KICKING ME
Nicole Anna Sher
Nicole Anna Sher Kun oldin
Omg I am Russian and my whole family and my moms name is Irina lol and when she screams she does it in Russian
Blake_Jeedeee Kun oldin
Not me abt to smoke in 30 abababh
Blake_Jeedeee Kun oldin
Smoking q tips so swag 😩😎✌🏼
Milliani Martinez
Milliani Martinez Kun oldin
Sorry about my picture this is my big sisters profile I know it's a little inappropriate
Milliani Martinez
Milliani Martinez Kun oldin
My mom smokes now I'm scared that she's going to die
Emanuel and santi and big dog
Emanuel and santi and big dog Kun oldin
Lev kinda looks like he vapes
Lizzy Kun oldin
My family is also from Russia and my moms name is also Irina lol
Kayla Broen
Kayla Broen Kun oldin
My mom fakes I told her to stop then I just went all the stressed out and also I think she's going to stop she said she would on New Year's but she hasn't well I think she has a little bit LOL
Melody Davis
Melody Davis Kun oldin
Honestly level probably has the best channel out of the squad
Meaghan Woolley
Meaghan Woolley Kun oldin
😁😁😁😁so cute
Meaghan Woolley
Meaghan Woolley Kun oldin
Love them they are alsome
Berlin Turner
Berlin Turner Kun oldin
Hi finally lev turned on the comments
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Kun oldin
What’s the matter with vaping wtf
Delilah Jane
Delilah Jane Kun oldin
I love levs mom so freaking much she's such a mood
Glarissa Milce
Glarissa Milce Kun oldin
Nevermind is really funny I thought but I actually understand nothing but that was really funny but that was about to die but
Delilah Jane
Delilah Jane Kun oldin
jentzen literally seems so sweet. BUT I WAS DIEING WHEN HE HIT LEV.
Diabetic Type1
Diabetic Type1 Kun oldin
Jentzen was upset and so was piper!
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan Kun oldin
Bro my friend is 12 and he vapes
Dunja Širić
Dunja Širić Kun oldin
literally all my friends vape and drink-balkan😍😒😒
Elizabeth Walle
Elizabeth Walle Kun oldin
Hi lev you are so cool and can you Respond to my comment plz🥴
safiyah boxley
safiyah boxley Kun oldin
Bree Boyle
Bree Boyle Kun oldin
I love piper and her squad but imma continue to do it because it makes my anxiety better
Miley Charfauros
Miley Charfauros Kun oldin
Is it ok if my brother is 20 and up?
Aaliyah-Roblox Kun oldin
My dad smokes but not often
Madelyn Abbott
Madelyn Abbott Kun oldin
I have a friend that is like 5 and she vapes