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Lev Cameron

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Hey guys it's Lev Cameron Piper Rockelle's boyfriend. Sit back and watching throwing my girlfriend's I Phone out the car window, prank. Thats right everyone i prank Piper Good today by taking her iphone that she uses every day, and i throw it out the window of the car while we are driving. I know this sounds mean but hang in there because i actually surprise her with the brand new gild iphone 12 max. Let me just say her reaction is priceless s stay tuned till the end. If you enjoy these quarantine vlogs with my girlfriend and even the squad LIKE and SUBSCRIBE
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----**who was in the video**---
_Piper Rockelle
Elliana Walmsley :
Jentzen Ramirez:
Hey the names Cameron, Lev Cameron. Welcome to my youtube challenge. Here you can learn and see more about me and my life. I'm a professional dancer, a social media star, and a young actor. I've been living in Hollywood for a long time, and I now do videos with my friends, and my awesome Girlfriend Piper Rockelle. You may have seen me on her Instagram page or her youtube page dancing or posing for some funny photos, and videos. On my page, you can find great challenge videos like last to's, 24 hours, reactions, pranks, dances, songs, and many more so make sure you subscribe for a WILD ride.

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cynthia torres
cynthia torres 12 soat oldin
Auguste glanda
Auguste glanda 15 soat oldin
I like the song
Lilia Melinte
Lilia Melinte 22 soat oldin
All the time
Unanomous Lol
Unanomous Lol 22 soat oldin
When he tried to first take the phone when he walks in it is like they are not even dating the way they talk to each other comment how u feel
50kxgamerYT 22 soat oldin
13:50 that throw was smooth
Lilia Melinte
Lilia Melinte 22 soat oldin
Lilia Melinte
Lilia Melinte 22 soat oldin
Jentzin were the same
O. Gordon
O. Gordon Kun oldin
O. Gordon
O. Gordon Kun oldin
It’s just me Gurl
It’s just me Gurl Kun oldin
I love 💕 you videos of even your oldest videos
Kalvein Alexander
Kalvein Alexander 2 kun oldin
That's so sweet
Alyssa Whiteley
Alyssa Whiteley 2 kun oldin
Ok did ANYBODY notice Lev's pinky painted red? No? Just me? Ok....
Samira Queen
Samira Queen 3 kun oldin
I’m not late just watching agin
Butterfly _gaming
Butterfly _gaming 3 kun oldin
It’s could be the sim card where do you have to take out the card from your old phone and then put it into your new phone and you save all the data on there could be like that I don’t know
Alida Morsund
Alida Morsund 3 kun oldin
The thing hunter tought was a speaker, it is a magnetic thing that holds a apple pen.
Lazy Gaming
Lazy Gaming 4 kun oldin
Did any of u guys see jenzen with nail polish on!
Swofford.Cos.Chille's 5 kun oldin
Tanvi Singh
Tanvi Singh 5 kun oldin
Piper is an amazing girlfriend if I had a boyfriend and he did that Bruh I would break up with him on spot
Daisy Avila
Daisy Avila 5 kun oldin
Let’s Jensen take the iPhone 12
Lorena Ibarra
Lorena Ibarra 5 kun oldin
Flame Summers
Flame Summers 5 kun oldin
Hahaha so funny vid :)
Lizzy A
Lizzy A 6 kun oldin
Aww this is adorablee
Katie Gaine
Katie Gaine 6 kun oldin
Mean mean
ELLA Buchanan
ELLA Buchanan 6 kun oldin
Mom:Why Is Your Phone Broken Me:Because MY Fave UZpostrs Said Mash It Mom: Agh Lets Go To The Apple Store To Get A Nother one Me Lucky It Is Backed up Thanks Mom Lets Goooo Mom: Hop In Me: YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY Thanks For The Likes
darthvader 9897
darthvader 9897 7 kun oldin
I liket for jensen
Keirra Forbes
Keirra Forbes 7 kun oldin
the phone just hit him in THE spot😭😂 my ex bsf through an ice block there he was NOT laughing
Sabrina Villaverde
Sabrina Villaverde 7 kun oldin
Did anyone notes that this was filled in the old house piper lev you sus
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson 7 kun oldin
What’s that red stuff in your nail?
Mareeka Squad
Mareeka Squad 8 kun oldin
Can I get a shout out
Rita Omoregie
Rita Omoregie 8 kun oldin
Me pranks my mom My mom:what is prank what kind of devil source is prank?
Paisley Snider
Paisley Snider 8 kun oldin
I love 💘 themm
Noemi Mendoza Castro
Noemi Mendoza Castro 8 kun oldin
piper is so stupid in real life she is so annoying she is so crazy and wierd I want you to know this lev and everyone I know her emily is cool and preety but piper is crazy
Samuel Guillen
Samuel Guillen 9 kun oldin
LOL how he threw it
Duncan Azenga
Duncan Azenga 9 kun oldin
Hi. Can. I. Meet. Piper. And. The. Scad. I. Love. You. And. Piper. And. The. Scad
Seven Four
Seven Four 9 kun oldin
Seven Four
Seven Four 9 kun oldin
omg give meh one pls pls
M Roy
M Roy 9 kun oldin
Piper: finds phone Lev: oh Me: dying of laughter 😂
Meela Cutter
Meela Cutter 9 kun oldin
U are the best 😃my fav youtuber
Leighton Jackson
Leighton Jackson 9 kun oldin
when he slid hunters phone across the counter man that had to of hurt him poor jentzain
Sway apon Hailynn
Sway apon Hailynn 10 kun oldin
I’m mad now haha I wish I could get that phone i love piper channel
Adyline Carter
Adyline Carter 10 kun oldin
clarita hajj
clarita hajj 11 kun oldin
Donovan C
Donovan C 11 kun oldin
“Why are you screaming at me” Me: you threw her life away
Greg Weston
Greg Weston 11 kun oldin
Omg hahaha
Mae Stephenson
Mae Stephenson 11 kun oldin
❤️ the phone!
deku 3630
deku 3630 11 kun oldin
I wish I can get a iPhone 12 my phone its broken I wish I can send I screenshot so u dont think I'm lying🥺
Roberta Munhoz Braga
Roberta Munhoz Braga 11 kun oldin
Love you lev
Andi A. Cuesta
Andi A. Cuesta 12 kun oldin
The iPhone 12 Pro Max in gold.
Andi A. Cuesta
Andi A. Cuesta 12 kun oldin
I have the same phone.
Rashaad Brown
Rashaad Brown 12 kun oldin
I wish I had a shelf with laptops on it😭😭
freaky weirdo
freaky weirdo 12 kun oldin
I love how lev cares for piper. Lev..your 1 in a million piper is the most lucky girl ever.
Anne Boardman
Anne Boardman 12 kun oldin
My name is Kelcie-May and I 2hst to liver with you plss
Anne Boardman
Anne Boardman 12 kun oldin
Can I have the phone plss because I never get a phone from UZpost
Greg Woods
Greg Woods 13 kun oldin
I want a i phone xr please
María Mercedes Mejia
María Mercedes Mejia 13 kun oldin
Can I get a iPhone 📱 too
adriana velazquez
adriana velazquez 14 kun oldin
Laura Nielsen
Laura Nielsen 14 kun oldin
only me still having the 7? ahha
художниците школа
художниците школа 14 kun oldin
Gina Gonzalez
Gina Gonzalez 15 kun oldin
I really want the green one
Alana Wilson
Alana Wilson 15 kun oldin
I think that lev u did a great job but was a little mean it’s a good thing u had a spare phone with u but it’s wrong to break people’s stuff
Nika Sedghgooyan
Nika Sedghgooyan 15 kun oldin
Lol this is so funny Jentzen : can u throw my phone? Lev : Sure! Me : 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bradley Turner
Bradley Turner 15 kun oldin
I love piper
Marjorie Nopaltecatl
Marjorie Nopaltecatl 15 kun oldin
I feell bad for pipper
Sara Arja
Sara Arja 16 kun oldin
My mum has that same iPhone in the same colour
Karla Velasquez13
Karla Velasquez13 16 kun oldin
Clara Hickey
Clara Hickey 16 kun oldin
Levs top -a few good kid takers
Ashley Tobias
Ashley Tobias 16 kun oldin
Hey I love your video's and
michelle guthrie
michelle guthrie 17 kun oldin
if i droped my phone 100000000000000000billon times it would be broken they threw it 5 times still aint ded
Zunaira-Noor Ahmed
Zunaira-Noor Ahmed 17 kun oldin
Now Lev has a phone to throw and have fun with
Zunaira-Noor Ahmed
Zunaira-Noor Ahmed 17 kun oldin
Lev and piper are just so cute together, I can't even imagine Liper not being Liper
Evynne Maryniak
Evynne Maryniak 17 kun oldin
No photoshopped ads for jentzen he already got some
Zunaira-Noor Ahmed
Zunaira-Noor Ahmed 18 kun oldin
02:05 Jensen: And one of them is mine Me: Come on Jensen, you already have a phone, and Lev is just pranking Piper. AGAIN!!!!!
klent dominic
klent dominic 18 kun oldin
Hunter and piper are sibling
Queen Sunshine
Queen Sunshine 18 kun oldin
This was so hard to wach Pipers phone is like 10000 times better than mine like OMG
Sapphiro Leo
Sapphiro Leo 19 kun oldin
I know this Emili prank sawyer brock phone and new phone
Sophia L Shepherd
Sophia L Shepherd 19 kun oldin
Blue Bxrry
Blue Bxrry 19 kun oldin
Did anyone else see Lev’s painted nail I like it
NoSkin Allstar
NoSkin Allstar 19 kun oldin
Hey guys hope y’ll good
Grantlee Freeman
Grantlee Freeman 20 kun oldin
Hunter is the squad dad😂
Alesio Proko
Alesio Proko 20 kun oldin
16:01 thats a mm wave antena
Delany Gongora
Delany Gongora 20 kun oldin
7d UK slsusuJe8djidoiodltorf
Vicky Adeniyi
Vicky Adeniyi 20 kun oldin
Lev's literally smiling knowing he's broke now but anyway it was for a good cause.
Brianna Wilkey
Brianna Wilkey 21 kun oldin
And I have two phones one is cracked and the one that I'm using now is my new one I got it 2 months ago on December 25
Arielle Caruso
Arielle Caruso 21 kun oldin
i dare you lev to make 1000 videos
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee 21 kun oldin
Hunter your so nice to them the nicest person in the world good job you won a award for being to nice
Gaelle El Jerr
Gaelle El Jerr 21 kun oldin
That catch tho in the kitchen love you lev and the whole squad
Peenutt McNell
Peenutt McNell 21 kun oldin
Piper Piper
Peenutt McNell
Peenutt McNell 21 kun oldin
eabba o donnell
eabba o donnell 22 kun oldin
I Love you so much and
Wilmer Nordström
Wilmer Nordström 22 kun oldin
Bhag Yoga Cuties
Bhag Yoga Cuties 22 kun oldin
I like the gold phone!
The Star Sisters
The Star Sisters 23 kun oldin
Why Tinder???
Karleyyy tm
Karleyyy tm 23 kun oldin
well remember a while back when piper got jealous cause lev was pretending he was back with his ex and she threw his phone in his pool?? lmao
Marco Morse
Marco Morse 23 kun oldin
I am a huge huge fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn of you and pipper my name is jazara
Allison Harbaugh
Allison Harbaugh 24 kun oldin
Poor jenzen he just wants a new phone😭
grady pagliarulo
grady pagliarulo 24 kun oldin
Www one of lev's nails are painted www
grady pagliarulo
grady pagliarulo 24 kun oldin
Hunters crazy why why hahah if your a fan
grady pagliarulo
grady pagliarulo 24 kun oldin
Hunters like there dad so cute
Stephanie Hicks
Stephanie Hicks 24 kun oldin
When jenzen and lev are throwing hunters phone and then it jits jenxen in a hurtful place 😆
Sunshine And Rainbows
Sunshine And Rainbows 22 kun oldin