My MOM Was Mean To My GIRLFRIEND **she cried** 😢|Lev Cameron

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Lev Cameron

26 kun oldin

Hey guys its' Lev Cameron Piper Rockelle's boyfriend. Today I'm bringing you another funny prank on my girlfriend Piper Rockelle. However, in todays prank my mom is the one pulling it off. Basically for the next 24 hours my mom is going to be mean to my girlfriend. Stay tuned till the end because this was a bad idea and my girlfriends reaction is epic. Thank you piper, and subscribe here for more prank videos on my girlfriend. If you enjoy these quarantine vlogs with my girlfriend and even the squad LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. Stay tuned to the end and screen shot your favorite part!
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----**who was in the video**---
Piper Rockelle

Hey the names Cameron, Lev Cameron. Welcome to my youtube challenge. Here you can learn and see more about me and my life. I'm a professional dancer, a social media star, and a young actor. I've been living in Hollywood for a long time, and I now do videos with my friends, and my awesome Girlfriend Piper Rockelle. You may have seen me on her Instagram page or her youtube page dancing or posing for some funny photos, and videos. On my page, you can find great challenge videos like last to's, 24 hours, reactions, pranks, dances, songs, and many more so make sure you subscribe for a WILD ride.

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Miss Gen Z
Miss Gen Z Soat oldin
the fact every mean thing his mom said is actually rlly tue 💀
Crystal Williams
Crystal Williams 11 soat oldin
I mean Piper I thought this was piper’s channel Oopsie
Crystal Williams
Crystal Williams 11 soat oldin
hi I’m your bigs fan I want to talk to you and if you can please give me your number I do not like like you I’m just your bigs fan
Ruby’s World
Ruby’s World 13 soat oldin
I think you and piper look do good together
Yanecsi Lara
Yanecsi Lara 14 soat oldin
Hey lev i whanted to say that is a good prank in tell the squad i love yull in waching you re vedios
Tiara See
Tiara See 18 soat oldin
Amal Hussein
Amal Hussein 19 soat oldin
Omg 😭😨
Siri Gowda M
Siri Gowda M 22 soat oldin
that is indeed a girl's nightmare is their boyfriend or the boy who's gonna marry her and then his parents hate her that is a nightmare.
Onyedikachi Ogoh
Onyedikachi Ogoh Kun oldin
Even tho his mum was mean piper was nice to the mum😔
Marine Kun oldin
I fell so bad for Piper but pls tell your squad that i am a very big fan plsssssssss i l love all of yall PLSSSS!
Louise Emerson
Louise Emerson Kun oldin
Louise Emerson
Louise Emerson Kun oldin
Ava Lu
Ava Lu Kun oldin
I wouldn’t even have the bravery to say anything 🥺
Weird Edits
Weird Edits Kun oldin
🎵“Cringe, cringe city was made of yeah! Ooohhhh”🎵
Lafaith Mack
Lafaith Mack Kun oldin
Dominique Ruiz
Dominique Ruiz Kun oldin
Piper it like your not even fat
kenxna Kun oldin
I love piper and Claire’s relationship most cousins aren’t that close and I love Irena and piper’s relationship also
Princess Lyla
Princess Lyla Kun oldin
Oh no that’s really mean you can’t do that you’ll break up with you I’m sure
Princess Lyla
Princess Lyla Kun oldin
She will break up with you you can’t do that I’m sure
iiJordanii Riley
iiJordanii Riley Kun oldin
Piper is beautiful ♥️she has great taste in clothing and a bet she makes amazing tea 🥺 and she even gave in and went to Starbucks she’s so sweet she doesn’t deserve to be disrespected . I’d be so stressed out I would have said no to star bucks. I would have stood in my room like no thanks and she was being perfectly honest:( anyway at least it’s a prank ♥️
iiJordanii Riley
iiJordanii Riley 2 kun oldin
These thumbnails tho
x0olivia0x plays
x0olivia0x plays 2 kun oldin
And your not really pretty aorry
Mariah Martinez
Mariah Martinez 2 kun oldin
You can tell this is all fake and she knows what to say and do becuase when they where getting in the car she turned and there’s no why she didn’t see camera man
Noble 2 kun oldin
Piper saw camra man when she was going to the car
Hanna El-Far
Hanna El-Far 2 kun oldin
Future mother in law
Alex wolfgirl
Alex wolfgirl 2 kun oldin
So what the mom said is TRUE
Tiffany Fruge'
Tiffany Fruge' 2 kun oldin
I fell so bad for her
Marissa Florez
Marissa Florez 2 kun oldin
Lily Rose Derzay
Lily Rose Derzay 2 kun oldin
i feel so bad for you piper
Lailah Equestrian
Lailah Equestrian 2 kun oldin
I feel bad for piper, idk if it were me I would have cried 😭 lol
Kim Gutrich
Kim Gutrich 2 kun oldin
Hi I'm Kim
Zaria Christie
Zaria Christie 2 kun oldin
Piper is a little fat though
Cupcakepanda Unicorn
Cupcakepanda Unicorn 2 kun oldin
I love you guys
Cupcakepanda Unicorn
Cupcakepanda Unicorn 2 kun oldin
Anyone a member of the squad
Luna Piskie
Luna Piskie 2 kun oldin
Luna Piskie
Luna Piskie 2 kun oldin
Luna Piskie
Luna Piskie 2 kun oldin
Emelie and Lisa Gangsters
Emelie and Lisa Gangsters 3 kun oldin
My home language is russian so I know what you and your mom are talking about just that you know 😂
Diya Malhi
Diya Malhi 3 kun oldin
This is literally a skit to be honest
Linda Seivert
Linda Seivert Kun oldin
Kamma Von Wowern
Kamma Von Wowern 3 kun oldin
Levs mom is so cute just sayin she is so sweet and treat piper like a daughter
The best girl
The best girl 3 kun oldin
I cried when piper start to cry
Shoog & Gala Alturki
Shoog & Gala Alturki 3 kun oldin
I was caring
Shoog & Gala Alturki
Shoog & Gala Alturki 3 kun oldin
I feel so bad for piper
rose 3 kun oldin
FaZe Galaxy
FaZe Galaxy 3 kun oldin
Why do there videos have to be stage? She looked at the camera 3 or more times😐
Marlin Piñon Dominguez
Marlin Piñon Dominguez 3 kun oldin
Piper has a maid?
Arlinn Rosado
Arlinn Rosado 3 kun oldin
Who did not know that lev speaks that language
Alyssa Toothaker
Alyssa Toothaker 3 kun oldin
I like how lev called her bro
Ava N
Ava N 3 kun oldin
I love the prank!
Alfreda Wright
Alfreda Wright 3 kun oldin
I think it's a prank
idk 3 kun oldin
Idk why I'm here ion even like em
Chelsea Arias
Chelsea Arias 3 kun oldin
That’s sad
Actually it’s Panda Bad Girl
Actually it’s Panda Bad Girl 3 kun oldin
Betch 3 kun oldin
bruh yall actually watch this shit 💀
Daphne Olivia
Daphne Olivia 3 kun oldin
Yooo editor must feel sooo sine every video BAHHAHAAH
Daphne Olivia
Daphne Olivia 3 kun oldin
6:20 ffs I should’ve just slept..😫👁👁
Daphne Olivia
Daphne Olivia 3 kun oldin
Oh wait they moved out their old house?
Amrie pieta
Amrie pieta 3 kun oldin
jelly fruit
jelly fruit 3 kun oldin
Piper is the best youtuber and lev is the best youtuber to
Charming Uni
Charming Uni 4 kun oldin
how did piper didn't see the camer at 8:23 and at 8:39 and at 9:10
Dawn Defenbaugh
Dawn Defenbaugh 4 kun oldin
When 3 minutes hit a couple seconds later the sink faucet was like “I am only supposed to be in this video”
N J-Z 4 kun oldin
I feel so bad but thank goodness it’s just a prank
Nura Johannes
Nura Johannes 4 kun oldin
The man 11:26 hahahaha
Little Namjoon
Little Namjoon 4 kun oldin
Omg I felt so bad for piper
kimberly chappa
kimberly chappa 4 kun oldin
That's rude
Lily Armstrong
Lily Armstrong 4 kun oldin
Everyone: see’s title, clicks on video, scrolles through comments listening to the video.
hadley crosland
hadley crosland 4 kun oldin
lev ur litterally the best bf ever to piper 💞❤️👑
#COUSINSQUAD Together 4 kun oldin
I feel soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad for piper😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Therealjosalinn 4 kun oldin
Iiiiiiii loveeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuu piperrrrrrrrrrrr
Eva Ringer
Eva Ringer 4 kun oldin
How is lev's mom have an accent but he doesn't. Lol
Emily Mullinax
Emily Mullinax 4 kun oldin
Bruh 😎
Alyssa Saunders
Alyssa Saunders 4 kun oldin
Is it just me? But pipers comments are off
Bria Cole
Bria Cole 4 kun oldin
Ugh I know this is a prank and everything but this video makes me so mad the way they disrespected piper😠
Maria Kessler
Maria Kessler 4 kun oldin
Poor piper everybody is mean to her☹️🥰
April Mertz
April Mertz 4 kun oldin
Omg Lev you are so funny 😘❤️
XxstylesxX 4 kun oldin
Ngl this prank was was mean and made me fell bad for piper 😔🥺
Thatonecowandpigconbinatio n
Thatonecowandpigconbinatio n 4 kun oldin
Y’all are kinda stupid this was very staged piper looked at the cam a lot lol
Nanette Black
Nanette Black 4 kun oldin
vLoG GuN
vLoG GuN 4 kun oldin
Piper looks so gorgeous in the video! Love your videos and bunch of 💘
xyz abc
xyz abc 4 kun oldin
Pieper is so patient I'm so impatient if someone did this to me we wouldn't be together after the Starbucks thing 😂
Nikolay Tutov
Nikolay Tutov 4 kun oldin
Diva Girl
Diva Girl 4 kun oldin
Why is he being mean. I thought the mom is exposed to be mean to her
Jessy O
Jessy O 5 kun oldin
Poor piper😂😭
Olivia Nelson
Olivia Nelson 5 kun oldin
Its a prank
Alaxiyonna Garvin
Alaxiyonna Garvin 5 kun oldin
I know piper Is mad
65rtyu YT
65rtyu YT 5 kun oldin
Irina is cute
rylie mahoney
rylie mahoney 5 kun oldin
using fat as an insult isn’t cute..y’all act like being fat is a bad thing. Ppl can easily get offended by ur thumbnail.
Michele Golberg
Michele Golberg 5 kun oldin
She is a good faker
მარი თევზაძე
მარი თევზაძე 5 kun oldin
მარი თევზაძე
მარი თევზაძე 5 kun oldin
EE Vibes2
EE Vibes2 5 kun oldin
I am not going to lie his mom voice sounded like my grandmas voice kinda of my grandma is so nice this made my day.
Katie Glizzy
Katie Glizzy 5 kun oldin
If I have to be honest piper is really disrespectful and rude to her elders she has no place to act rude she thinks she’s an adult when she’s just 14
savanna and Adrianna show baby yoda
savanna and Adrianna show baby yoda 5 kun oldin
I follow u on tictok
ML Hluni
ML Hluni 5 kun oldin
when lev mom hug piper and kisses that moment so cute💖🥺
ELVIRA RULIDA 5 kun oldin
Thier made tho
Mimi Plays
Mimi Plays 5 kun oldin
The pillow tho... lmao 😂
Maria Najera
Maria Najera 5 kun oldin
The way the stranger walks is funny 11.24
Moto_girl 111
Moto_girl 111 5 kun oldin
I fill sooo bad I can’t tell if it is fake or not because how sad she gets and I think it is fake because she keeps looking at the camera, and she always knows when there are pranks and this on she just said “I don’t think this is fake because, it is weird”?
McKenzie Menefee
McKenzie Menefee 5 kun oldin
so none of us are gonna talk about the maid?
oliv8700 oliv8700
oliv8700 oliv8700 5 kun oldin
me YES!!!
- Kimberly -
- Kimberly - 5 kun oldin
I love how lev’s mom treats piper like a daughter
Laila Chernovol
Laila Chernovol 5 kun oldin
I love pipre
marcella lamberti
marcella lamberti 5 kun oldin
i thought the person was hunter when they came out of Starbucks but he was filming
ILOVEME J 5 kun oldin
God bless you
ILOVEME J 5 kun oldin
God bless you
ILOVEME J 5 kun oldin