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Lev Cameron

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Hey guys it's Lev Cameron Piper Rockelle's boyfriend. Sit back and watching I surprised my girlfriend with this, cute reaction. That's right guys in today's vlog I thought it would be a great idea to wrap my girlfriend's car like a Christmas present. Basically, I went to our favorite store, Target, and I bought all the wrapping paper they have. Then I came home to wrap my GF's car. This was an epic surprise for her during this holiday season, her reaction was so cute. if you enjoy these quarantine vlogs with my girlfriend and even the squad LIKE and SUBSCRIBE

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----**who was in the video**---
__Piper Rockelle
- uzpost.info/down/Yfbq37VGb-07tDS0FGtsPw
Elliana Walmsley :
Sawyer Sharbino:
- uzpost.info/down/NNAWP6LWbkgQm2ta8PV1Hw
Connor Cain:
- uzpost.info/down/5rK3grepq9TCUgdD5AYv1A
Ayden Mekus:
- uzpost.info/down/hMLmVuElASTNV4nybq0FCg
Jentzen Ramirez:
- uzpost.info/down/oCB5pbeNAvc_a_OWHM2kmQ
Emily Dobson:
- uzpost.info/down/LyQ8l3LVegc2G5jGV1W7VA
Claire Rocksmith:
- uzpost.info/down/nZi9vkMwWITlqqFXBTOE0w
Hayden Haas:
- uzpost.info/down/H-67MurivaKoeCjMNz3hjA
Jena Davis :
- uzpost.info/down/YIWAl9CEgVeIY8P8lHZdEQ
Hey the names Cameron, Lev Cameron. Welcome to my youtube challenge. Here you can learn and see more about me and my life. I'm a professional dancer, a social media star, and a young actor. I've been living in Hollywood for a long time, and I now do videos with my friends, and my awesome Girlfriend Piper Rockelle. You may have seen me on her Instagram page or her youtube page dancing or posing for some funny photos, and videos. On my page, you can find great challenge videos like last to's, 24 hours, reactions, pranks, dances, songs, and many more so make sure you subscribe for a WILD ride.

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Lev Cameron
Lev Cameron 2 oy oldin
Hey guys! Make sure to check out trck.thesheepy.com/levcameron ...its literally the most comfortable hoodie ever and a great holiday gift 🎅 🔥
Angela Bowser
Angela Bowser 17 kun oldin
Hi Lev and Piper!!
Margaret Frey
Margaret Frey Oy oldin
Margaret Frey
Margaret Frey Oy oldin
Omg hi Lev
Yosmery rose Jimenez yosmery
Yosmery rose Jimenez yosmery Oy oldin
I love lev mom reaction billboard
I hope piper loves it
მარი თევზაძე
მარი თევზაძე 5 kun oldin
მარი თევზაძე
მარი თევზაძე 5 kun oldin
მარი თევზაძე
მარი თევზაძე 5 kun oldin
მარი თევზაძე
მარი თევზაძე 5 kun oldin
Aiden Parra
Aiden Parra 9 kun oldin
Lev Cameron love you
Eva Jackson
Eva Jackson 10 kun oldin
Elliana: I am breaking up with you Jentzen: that’s my line Elliana: giggles Jentzen: what the frick Piper: wait you guys are together Me: oh god 😂 Lev- you amazing, thank you for making me smile everyday with piper
R L 15 kun oldin
I love these vlogs
Ashlynn Turner
Ashlynn Turner 20 kun oldin
Lev you are great did you and piper be a thing for ever if so good
1cedxcoff3e Roblox
1cedxcoff3e Roblox 23 kun oldin
At the end of the video: Piper:Can we get inside of it? Lev: Idk can we?! 😂☃️
Daven Axdahl
Daven Axdahl 29 kun oldin
Madison Ondrush
Madison Ondrush Oy oldin
You should do my Bookshelf fell on my leg prank
Stewie 1323
Stewie 1323 Oy oldin
Wait whats with the painted nails
Krista Jones
Krista Jones Oy oldin
What I love your videos so awesome
Krista Jones
Krista Jones Oy oldin
I love videos
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl Oy oldin
No one: Me:Ooo look at all the PEZ candy they have....
Jamie Wisdom
Jamie Wisdom Oy oldin
Mine is wonderful
bismen brar
bismen brar Oy oldin
Anybody else see this video and wish they were apart of the squad badly🥺
richelle almaida
richelle almaida Oy oldin
Lev your so cute
Adwoa Asante
Adwoa Asante Oy oldin
Soo... Lev and Piper.. ever found out who *vandalised* the house......😶😶
Owen Hyatt
Owen Hyatt Oy oldin
Does anybody notice that lev is 15 and piper is 13
Aesthetic Rose
Aesthetic Rose Oy oldin
She is 13!
Aesthetic Rose
Aesthetic Rose Oy oldin
She can’t drive tho-
Fiona Watson
Fiona Watson Oy oldin
ToLevIhava crush on you🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😘😘💋💋💋💋💌💌💘💝💖💘💝💖💗💓💞💕💟❣❤🧡💛💚💙💜💓🤎🖤🤍👰🤵💏💏💏💏
Alexandra Jerlaine Santiago
Alexandra Jerlaine Santiago Oy oldin
Lev is such a nice bf
Hi I am a big fan
michael carney
michael carney Oy oldin
I ship liper for life you guys are so cute together
loves unicorn
loves unicorn Oy oldin
Is it just me or does Jenezen look like Cameron boyce?
Evan 429
Evan 429 Oy oldin
Look what my dog can do Bites something
Majed Vlogs 1
Majed Vlogs 1 Oy oldin
#الهلال صفقات هلالية ممتازه uzpost.info/vision/video/grF809ltY3OGfmg.html
Claudia Rivera
Claudia Rivera Oy oldin
were can you buy that?
Audree Rodriguez
Audree Rodriguez Oy oldin
why isn’t anyone talking about how ayden turned on the oven when he made the pez into the boul...
Candice Rangel
Candice Rangel Oy oldin
J u n e d A h m e d
J u n e d A h m e d Oy oldin
J u n e d A h m e d
J u n e d A h m e d Oy oldin
Lankybox fannn mega fan Enjoy the fun
Lankybox fannn mega fan Enjoy the fun Oy oldin
Lev walker talks to piper ex
Amalie Fehr
Amalie Fehr Oy oldin
My dog does that to the lead
pxndaaq Oy oldin
6:26 Wth-
Maddie C.
Maddie C. Oy oldin
Lyla Schmidt
Lyla Schmidt Oy oldin
Jentzen: HiIii! How are yooou doing todayyy? Lev: I’m good how are- Jentzen: Did you brInG me mY appLes? Lev: What kind of appLes- Jentzen: You kNow...The wHite Kinddd.. Lev: yea... Jentzen: WeLl yOuR gOnnA be NexT......
Baddie Online
Baddie Online 2 oy oldin
Wait why did jenzten and lev have blue nail polish one
Brooklyn Anderson
Brooklyn Anderson 2 oy oldin
dude lev:what kinda apples me:watcha thiking dude
Charlotte Britt
Charlotte Britt 2 oy oldin
Did you see Emily's face when Jentzen said "whose most likely to die"🤔
If Cats Were People
If Cats Were People 2 oy oldin
I love you soooooooooooo mutch
Natalie Playz
Natalie Playz 2 oy oldin
All u just need is lev
Tina Daniel
Tina Daniel 2 oy oldin
so cool
Luciana Gaeta
Luciana Gaeta 2 oy oldin
Hi lev I love videos and liper it so cute
Lev Cameron
Lev Cameron 2 oy oldin
Thank you
Jorjah Nichol
Jorjah Nichol 2 oy oldin
I got a good idea you should prank her that you gone missing
Rivvah rose Barker
Rivvah rose Barker 2 oy oldin
Piper cheated on lev
Khloe Kennedy
Khloe Kennedy 2 oy oldin
that was so sweet Lev your like the best boyfrind to piper
Sumaiya Yasmin
Sumaiya Yasmin 2 oy oldin
Ayden is such a great boy did anyone notice that after the throwing trick thing the cooker turned on and he turned it Of great job Ayden🦋🌿🧸
Sara Jones
Sara Jones 2 oy oldin
I love you
It’s —V—
It’s —V— 2 oy oldin
You were so cute when piper pranked with the period prank but well you thought there was no camera and it was real so you acted so cute then why do the boys act weird when they talk about period on screen?
Chane Montgomery
Chane Montgomery 2 oy oldin
Hello my sister said your girlfriend is ugly but I love you and piper ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Sarah Boujja
Sarah Boujja 2 oy oldin
Can you pin this comment i love your channel
Ceria McIntosh
Ceria McIntosh 2 oy oldin
Lev ahhhhhhhhhh piper.......... Ahhh
Chelsea Armstead-Smith
Chelsea Armstead-Smith 2 oy oldin
Hi Lev, I know I'm like 1 week late but I just wanted to say that you are an amazing UZpostr an amazing boyfriend and amazing person! You and the squad always make my day! I am still laughing from the start of the video when he is pranking the squad! Thank you for making my day bright and joyful! Pin this if you love your fans ! ♥️
D'Ree Murray
D'Ree Murray 2 oy oldin
Jenzsen that was funny
Ee 2 oy oldin
Ee 2 oy oldin
Lev: do you feel like you made it in life Jentzen: no
Cerkla Kitty
Cerkla Kitty 2 oy oldin
They point elliana for the model but emily too can doo she tall
naruto559 CODM
naruto559 CODM 2 oy oldin
Do you watch anime or Naruto
Lankybox fannn mega fan Enjoy the fun
Lankybox fannn mega fan Enjoy the fun 2 oy oldin
Me:see on recemended lev next you see piper me: sub add post notifications all the squad is the best and I am waiting for semily and jelliana
Melvyn Medina
Melvyn Medina 2 oy oldin
OMG Hi Lev😃💕💖
Darren Wanamaker
Darren Wanamaker 2 oy oldin
8:15 Piper's surprising reaction
Darren Wanamaker
Darren Wanamaker 2 oy oldin
Lev: WE'RE ON A BILLBOARD!!!!!!! 😃
Variah 2 oy oldin
Aww that so sweet
butterfly crew unicorn crew
butterfly crew unicorn crew 2 oy oldin
Jashraj Sidhu
Jashraj Sidhu 2 oy oldin
He looks like David Dobrick in the the thumbnail
marley bean
marley bean 2 oy oldin
lev:who’s most likely jensen:tO diE everyone:points to jensen
Temi Olure
Temi Olure 2 oy oldin
ayden is my f avourite dhar man charecter can u tell him that and tell him to reply
Tea Sister shooketh
Tea Sister shooketh 2 oy oldin
WHy is everyone so dressed up when lev was scaring them?
D'Ree Murray
D'Ree Murray 2 oy oldin
You are not good you are the BEST tell the squad!!,😚😱😜😜😜
Leonardo Hernandez
Leonardo Hernandez 2 oy oldin
Piper Rockelle Squad dreams!
Piper Rockelle Squad dreams! 2 oy oldin
OMG I died when Jentzen did that weird voice thing in the trashcan! Especially when he said : “You know how Snow White died? Yeah your next!” OMG I thought I was going to die of laughter😆!! Love you guys!!
witchy loriston
witchy loriston 2 oy oldin
witchy loriston
witchy loriston 2 oy oldin
hey lev. play roblox and give out some robux
Erin Otley
Erin Otley 2 oy oldin
i am sad because i am allergic to wool and it looks so comfy
Strawberry Sisters Vlogs
Strawberry Sisters Vlogs 2 oy oldin
Didn’t she already have that car?
Oleg August
Oleg August 2 oy oldin
Me: ... Is this a Gift for christmas?
ItsmeVasPlayyyz !!!!!!!!
ItsmeVasPlayyyz !!!!!!!! 2 oy oldin
Malaikah Husain
Malaikah Husain 2 oy oldin
AMRAN Farah 2 oy oldin
Rosalina Morales
Rosalina Morales 2 oy oldin
Hey Jupiter is the same dog as mine
Lev Cameron
Lev Cameron 2 oy oldin
It's Milan
It's Milan 2 oy oldin
No one: Piper: how long did it take you Jensen:it took so long!! It took so long!!
Eliza Stuart
Eliza Stuart 2 oy oldin
The Sheepy is a copy of the oodie
sequoia Gudyka
sequoia Gudyka 2 oy oldin
They should call them mandol
Charli damelio updates
Charli damelio updates 2 oy oldin
Lev: babe stop babe stop BABE I SAID STOP
Angelie deOliveira
Angelie deOliveira 2 oy oldin
Jentezen: qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nicole P
Nicole P 2 oy oldin
lucia alvarado
lucia alvarado 2 oy oldin
Dial Texas laffy
Niki Phung
Niki Phung 2 oy oldin
shaari dumarey
shaari dumarey 2 oy oldin
Lilliana Johnson
Lilliana Johnson 2 oy oldin
lol lev
Stephanie O'Neill
Stephanie O'Neill 2 oy oldin
Wait... for me it says that this video was out yesterday but there’s comments from 2 days ago 😮🤯
Jada Vlogs
Jada Vlogs 2 oy oldin
hi I saw piper square vid so I wanted to know if I can join but I can make a fan page and I don't have an ingrame if it fine and I really want to see you you guys make my day better and can you show this to piper and I really want to you guys for Christmas and have a vlog with yall
Lucia Cadena
Lucia Cadena 2 oy oldin
so cuteeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jakson Gerads
Jakson Gerads 2 oy oldin
omg hi lev
Isabelle Fershteyn
Isabelle Fershteyn 2 oy oldin
Quinniyah Manning
Quinniyah Manning 2 oy oldin
900th comment
Hiyaa Papaya
Hiyaa Papaya 2 oy oldin
Doesn’t doing this 🤭 give you acne?
Lanee Harmon
Lanee Harmon 2 oy oldin
Hi leg I'm a big fan
Lisanna Rza-Kulijev
Lisanna Rza-Kulijev 2 oy oldin
How old are youuuu 🌹🌹🌹