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Lev Cameron

29 kun oldin

Hey guys its' Lev Cameron Piper Rockelle's boyfriend. Today I'm bringing you another funny vlog with my girlfriend. Todays video was very eventful, basically today I decided to drive the car. However, while driving the car I actually wrecked it into a trash can. My moms reaction was priceless, but I totally got grounded over this. She was so mad, and not only that but Pipers mom was there as well. If you enjoy these quarantine vlogs with my girlfriend and even the squad LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. Stay tuned to the end and screen shot your favorite part!
#grounded #mom #mad
----**who was in the video**---
Piper Rockelle
- uzpost.info/down/Yfbq37VGb-07tDS0FGtsPw

Hey the names Cameron, Lev Cameron. Welcome to my youtube challenge. Here you can learn and see more about me and my life. I'm a professional dancer, a social media star, and a young actor. I've been living in Hollywood for a long time, and I now do videos with my friends, and my awesome Girlfriend Piper Rockelle. You may have seen me on her Instagram page or her youtube page dancing or posing for some funny photos, and videos. On my page, you can find great challenge videos like last to's, 24 hours, reactions, pranks, dances, songs, and many more so make sure you subscribe for a WILD ride.

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Emely Castro
Emely Castro 23 soat oldin
To late I made a scratch on my phone 😶😧
Silvia Del Rey
Silvia Del Rey Kun oldin
Piper:awww you look so cute Lev Lev:no I don't I look horrible Piper:just get in the car Lev:oki Me:omg Lev knows me so well
Silvia Del Rey
Silvia Del Rey Kun oldin
I love how Piper is so supportive for Lev driving
Dua Dua
Dua Dua Kun oldin
piper hair is looking cute 💕
sindija kozlovska
sindija kozlovska Kun oldin
I am driving whit car and I am 13
Julianna Hammer
Julianna Hammer 2 kun oldin
She did
Its me Susi
Its me Susi 2 kun oldin
piper was so so so cute by saying no and her hair style pretty for her
Hailey and Jaidan
Hailey and Jaidan 2 kun oldin
Hannah Massey
Hannah Massey 2 kun oldin
Piper: lesion..lesion..lesion Me: LESION LINDA LESION
Metl Sis
Metl Sis 2 kun oldin
I love how lev’s mom said poo after he said that it was a prank XD
Chelsea DeBarr
Chelsea DeBarr 2 kun oldin
letttttttttttttttttt doooo thissssssssssssssssssssssssss
Liberty Osback
Liberty Osback 2 kun oldin
did u see how great of a drvier he was until the prank happened
Poppy Hughes
Poppy Hughes 4 kun oldin
Piper and Lev are cute couples I love your videos Lev and P ipers videos are cool💎💜💙
Raeven Pounds
Raeven Pounds 4 kun oldin
why do yall have a locker in your house
i like and sub and hit that bell now can i have your number cus i want to see you and piper
ii _ BearButter
ii _ BearButter 5 kun oldin
Wait try and imagien being Lev and Pipers daurghter or son-
Margarette Ferrer
Margarette Ferrer 6 kun oldin
Eva Santos
Eva Santos 7 kun oldin
How old is lev He said he would get his permit in 3 months 😲
bertram winkle
bertram winkle 5 kun oldin
He’s 15
issie ondiel
issie ondiel 7 kun oldin
Yo mom can my boyfriend crash your jeep? Ya sure as long as your being watched. 😂😂😂 the privilege
Majed Vlogs 1
Majed Vlogs 1 7 kun oldin
الهلال يملىء العين uzpost.info/vision/video/irt60MNkoX1qpnE.html
Kyleigh Daugherty
Kyleigh Daugherty 8 kun oldin
Piper : Member the time I hit a desk Lev:Yeah and I hit a tree
Callie White
Callie White 9 kun oldin
i couldn't subscribe i was already subscribing!me :*going through all the squads channels and making sure i subscribed to all of them
MaKayla Speiker
MaKayla Speiker 10 kun oldin
Piper: I’ll get the ketchup: lev 😂🤦🏼
Amiyah Carter
Amiyah Carter 10 kun oldin
Im. A. Kid
Marlene Soerohardjo
Marlene Soerohardjo 10 kun oldin
Gundapaneni Vani
Gundapaneni Vani 11 kun oldin
Late comment But this is the first time seeing her mom
Danny Huffmaster
Danny Huffmaster 11 kun oldin
Ya she did she looked like a little girl
Princess Barrera
Princess Barrera 11 kun oldin
Princess Barrera
Princess Barrera 11 kun oldin
4:43 I love how she say “MA!”
-Caake -
-Caake - 11 kun oldin
Piper looks so cute in her outfit and hairstyle
CARIS GARCIA 12 kun oldin
R&A Plays
R&A Plays 12 kun oldin
Is he 15?????????
liper fan_ kenzie
liper fan_ kenzie 12 kun oldin
no one : lev at 6:40 : brgllbrglll 🤯🥳🥳🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣���
Liyema Nsika
Liyema Nsika 13 kun oldin
Can I be in the squad
Amelia Kempster
Amelia Kempster 13 kun oldin
Leah Treasure
Leah Treasure 13 kun oldin
Lev my best friend likes you and she’s 11
Trissanya Bennett
Trissanya Bennett 13 kun oldin
Piper u r sooooo cute
Kenezlinerayne Knapp
Kenezlinerayne Knapp 14 kun oldin
Piper is like the victim of this fake prank crime
Lilysheehan TikToker
Lilysheehan TikToker 14 kun oldin
How old is piper and levy
CallmehJbanana 15 kun oldin
At this point I know this video isn’t a prank but at this point they should all know they are getting pranked when they flirt with other people cause that basically all they do! 🙄
Camera is soo shacky
Harley Weststrong
Harley Weststrong 15 kun oldin
who else just got done playing roblox! before watching this!
Makenzie Swank
Makenzie Swank 15 kun oldin
I love when Hunter is in the videos and not just on the camera side!!
Josh Helton
Josh Helton 15 kun oldin
My gampa. Made gamma crush it trash can and the mirror. Was destroyed
Alicia Perez
Alicia Perez 15 kun oldin
Im aloud to drive the go cart and im 8
Alicia Perez
Alicia Perez 15 kun oldin
I got a go cart. And a forweeler
Mollie Toney
Mollie Toney 16 kun oldin
Lev and piper was so cute at the beginning 😘🥰PosITIVe VibEZ❤❤❤
Jennifer Steinkraus
Jennifer Steinkraus 16 kun oldin
Piper is cute
Gabrielle Oliveri
Gabrielle Oliveri 16 kun oldin
I love her outfit
Rabileigh Crooks
Rabileigh Crooks 17 kun oldin
omggggg pipers mom is sooo prettyyyyyyy
Mollyb Nadasky
Mollyb Nadasky 17 kun oldin
I love piper and Lev's energy and they are so amazing and they are my favorite youtubers and my while history is piper and lev
Stephanie O'Donnell
Stephanie O'Donnell 17 kun oldin
Irena is the sweetest
Lucy Bernstein
Lucy Bernstein 18 kun oldin
LeVe a like if you think that lev should do a prank on his mom that he runned over piper
Colinda Walls
Colinda Walls 18 kun oldin
i love this vido
Alicia 19 kun oldin
At 9:00 piper looks like a creepy doll
Leela C
Leela C 19 kun oldin
Dose Anyone just love piper and lev’s Relationship it is so cute
FaithKelly13 vlogs
FaithKelly13 vlogs 19 kun oldin
Anyone else think that pipers mom is so pretty!!!!!!! She needs to be in more videos!!!!! She’s Geourgous 🥺🤍
c00kie m0nster0.o
c00kie m0nster0.o 19 kun oldin
“Everything in this is safe” next clip PIPER FREAKING DANCING ON A CAR like-
Mads Kat
Mads Kat 19 kun oldin
Hillbilly How To's
Hillbilly How To's 19 kun oldin
Lev still seems so little to me i can believe he gets his permit to drive🚗 in like three months
moussa diakite
moussa diakite 19 kun oldin
Exactly I know your name but the last year you did to Piper I wasn't very very happy I only happy for Piper doing this stuff to you the pranks that Piper did to you Piper Raquel we're doing your project like blah blah blah and you better read this before you go
Justin Medina
Justin Medina 20 kun oldin
It will be so funny
Justin Medina
Justin Medina 20 kun oldin
You should do a robbery prank
Erinn.a. johns
Erinn.a. johns 20 kun oldin
Lev doesn’t even know that he leaked pipers house number💀🔫
Dayna Tyler
Dayna Tyler 20 kun oldin
What I see as your future Lev and Piper married two kids... One girl and boy Names. Lydia and Peter? Piper as a famous actress or model! Lev as a model You guys will have a family channel. That's what I think...? 😇
Mackaillah 20 kun oldin
Luv u lev
Classy Fox
Classy Fox 20 kun oldin
Is hunter pipers brother
Classy Fox
Classy Fox 20 kun oldin
Piper I luv ur hair don’t listen to lev lol
Daniel Macintosh
Daniel Macintosh 21 kun oldin
Exotic_playzz 21 kun oldin
I punch the like butten like lev 3 2 1 igsisitsitsiitdigstidt
khosi Khanyile
khosi Khanyile 21 kun oldin
xxx_Alex plays Games_xxx
xxx_Alex plays Games_xxx 21 kun oldin
I love piper and lev there so cute 🥰
Julia Miranda
Julia Miranda 21 kun oldin
I get grounded every week get over it.
Michelle Harris
Michelle Harris 21 kun oldin
Lev is crazy 😦
jessicaandfaith fIth
jessicaandfaith fIth 21 kun oldin
I did what you said and broke my phone
Sofia-Grace 21 kun oldin
Saphire Barrett
Saphire Barrett 21 kun oldin
Y'all hear her say I'm for the streets
RYLEE GRISWOLD 21 kun oldin
7:15 she sounds like she's 17 so sassy "why not"
RYLEE GRISWOLD 21 kun oldin
Lev is 15 what!!!!!!
Hailey.S Dirt Bike
Hailey.S Dirt Bike 21 kun oldin
How old are you guys? In Canada you are allowed to drive when you are 16. How old are you guys have to be when you can drive in USA?
Shakira do hair
Shakira do hair 21 kun oldin
Why piper torquing on top of the car lol
Fabiana Rojas
Fabiana Rojas 21 kun oldin
I Brooke my iPad smashing the like button last time I had to get a new one lol
Kylee Rogers
Kylee Rogers 22 kun oldin
Hunter is fun and piper is saying "you trying to kill me".
JERRY ZHENG 22 kun oldin
maddie and evelyn and the pug darlos
maddie and evelyn and the pug darlos 22 kun oldin
Omg lev is driving
Beto Sanchez
Beto Sanchez 22 kun oldin
Levs mom wasent that freaked out
Corenia Correa
Corenia Correa 22 kun oldin
Oh my god this is so funny
Apple iPad
Apple iPad 22 kun oldin
I hate you and piper especially piper I’m unsubscribing piper is a bad friend she was never a good friend😡🤬🤬I’m unsubscribing to piper
T Frater
T Frater 22 kun oldin
Hunter is so funny 😂
Poor_roblox Player
Poor_roblox Player 22 kun oldin
I love hunter
The three Sisters
The three Sisters 22 kun oldin
I broke my phone☹️
Nicole estrada
Nicole estrada 23 kun oldin
Hola piper and Lev 😂😂😂 💖💖💖💖
Clarissa MCD
Clarissa MCD 23 kun oldin
The way pip said I'll go get the KETCHUP 🤣🤣🤣🤣
payton Isabella
payton Isabella 23 kun oldin
baby was taken down again
Adam Andrews
Adam Andrews 23 kun oldin
She's so pretty 🦋
Patricia Ordoñez
Patricia Ordoñez 23 kun oldin
Trinity Acoby-Vermette
Trinity Acoby-Vermette 23 kun oldin
I broke my phone 🥺😅
Harlie Fenton
Harlie Fenton 23 kun oldin
Piper is so funny she is dancing on the car😁😁😁
Mariana Villegas
Mariana Villegas 23 kun oldin