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Lev Cameron

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Hey guys it's Lev Cameron Piper Rockelle's boyfriend. Today I'm bringing you another youtube vlog with my Girlfriend Piper Rockelle, and the squad. In this video, you will see a ton of epically funny moments with my best friends Jentzen, and his crush Elliana as well. Stay tuned till the end of this video because I can't believe what Elliana did at the end. For more funny content like this with my friends make sure you subscribe I post twice a week with the best squad on youtube. If you enjoy these quarantine vlogs with my girlfriend and even the squad LIKE and SUBSCRIBE
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----**who was in the video**---
__Piper Rockelle
- uzpost.info/down/Yfbq37VGb-07tDS0FGtsPw
Elliana Walmsley :
Sawyer Sharbino:
- uzpost.info/down/NNAWP6LWbkgQm2ta8PV1Hw
Emily Dobson:
- uzpost.info/down/LyQ8l3LVegc2G5jGV1W7VA
Claire Rocksmith:
- uzpost.info/down/nZi9vkMwWITlqqFXBTOE0w
Hey the names Cameron, Lev Cameron. Welcome to my youtube challenge. Here you can learn and see more about me and my life. I'm a professional dancer, a social media star, and a young actor. I've been living in Hollywood for a long time, and I now do videos with my friends, and my awesome Girlfriend Piper Rockelle. You may have seen me on her Instagram page or her youtube page dancing or posing for some funny photos, and videos. On my page, you can find great challenge videos like last to's, 24 hours, reactions, pranks, dances, songs, and many more so make sure you subscribe for a WILD ride.

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Andre Gant
Andre Gant 3 kun oldin
eliana why does lola never bark
Bibhuti Mishra
Bibhuti Mishra 5 kun oldin
no hates but- jev is best of anything!!
Brooke GamerTV
Brooke GamerTV 5 kun oldin
Do you know mj
Mia H
Mia H 8 kun oldin
Liper. And. Jelleana. Are. So. Cutest little girl friend. And. BOY friend🐕🐩🐕🐩🦁🐩🐯🦁🐱🦝🦊🦊🦊🦍🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
Chloe Gargoles
Chloe Gargoles 10 kun oldin
Teddy Hunter
Teddy Hunter 10 kun oldin
TOoo Funyn XD 3:15
Olivia Rizzo
Olivia Rizzo 13 kun oldin
Do anyone else what to know that the end of elliana’s sentence when he was going to kiss her
Falonne Chery
Falonne Chery 13 kun oldin
Falonne Chery
Falonne Chery 13 kun oldin
Awww wow
Susan Brock
Susan Brock 14 kun oldin
I see the ps5 in the back
Jhandi Francis
Jhandi Francis 14 kun oldin
Emily cooper
Emily cooper 15 kun oldin
Narmin Imess
Narmin Imess 17 kun oldin
The way elliana shaked lola 💀😂
Marcus Morgan
Marcus Morgan 18 kun oldin
She jumped in the pool 😂
Marcus Morgan
Marcus Morgan 18 kun oldin
You guys are so crazy and funny
love you piper plz follow me!
am a huge fan of yours
Noa Warsop
Noa Warsop 27 kun oldin
Omg your so brave Elliana
Lilly Lawes
Lilly Lawes 28 kun oldin
What is the Point of this video🤔
ItsPayton Thomas
ItsPayton Thomas 28 kun oldin
I wish they did more vids like this thooooo 😏😂 no but it’s so nice to see they’re like 💯 percent true nature and I loveeee that
Aoibbe OBrien
Aoibbe OBrien Oy oldin
Aoibbe OBrien
Aoibbe OBrien Oy oldin
Jentzen: let me kiss you Elliana: No you have lipstick on Lev: let him kiss your hand Jentzen: kisses Elliana's hand Elliana: 😶😶😶😶😶
Hamid Khavari
Hamid Khavari Oy oldin
Le my ad is hamid is a boy but i am ava
Maisie Allen
Maisie Allen Oy oldin
Jenzten : hello darkness my old friend :then flash turns on
Melany Rivers
Melany Rivers Oy oldin
im just the filmer
ok i love this channel so much just, why do you use Piper for fans? you ledgett have it as “hey guys it’s Lev Camron Piper Rockelles boyfriend like common dude
No Oy oldin
I ship them
V squad whener's with E squad aliens
V squad whener's with E squad aliens Oy oldin
hehe elliana
EllaTop20 Oy oldin
Nancy Teague
Nancy Teague 15 soat oldin
Why would you comment something like this it is uncalled for
Bubbly_Milkshake Oy oldin
Prank idea- Start an argument and pass out
Tayla Lambert
Tayla Lambert Oy oldin
Wow lev
Allison Mosher
Allison Mosher Oy oldin
Hi lev
Nailah Jaimes
Nailah Jaimes Oy oldin
Melanie Wilson
Melanie Wilson Oy oldin
I love this vlog type of video! It's definitely more interesting imo
Angela Lalli
Angela Lalli Oy oldin
I don't think that lev can trust piper to save him with CPR...
Leoni Libud
Leoni Libud Oy oldin
Jentzin: GiVe Me YoU fOoD 0:50
Sylvie Dunn
Sylvie Dunn Oy oldin
These videos are amazing! I love watching them , it makes m day! Thankyou
angella smith
angella smith Oy oldin
i love how since jenzten and lev are best friends that makes elliana and lev really close and jenzten and piper really close
Sharon Blake
Sharon Blake Oy oldin
2:09 at this moment we realize Lev is going to die LOL
Destiny Navarro
Destiny Navarro Oy oldin
Why isn’t Elliana part of the squad
Katrina G
Katrina G Oy oldin
she is now
Ashley tackett
Ashley tackett Oy oldin
I love you you are so ugly and Piper rockelle I hated you for the most time and you're only 12 and you should not be kissing people
mae burb
mae burb Oy oldin
Who was the guy Recording lev going down the hill?
It’s Gigi
It’s Gigi Oy oldin
Hannah Robinson
Hannah Robinson Oy oldin
I can't stop laughing
Thurlma Kafulatra
Thurlma Kafulatra Oy oldin
i love your videos guys
Tehya Staley
Tehya Staley Oy oldin
This is one of the funniest things ever oml XD Haha
Majed Vlogs 1
Majed Vlogs 1 Oy oldin
من انكرها uzpost.info/vision/video/qLGr086FiGWKqJs.html
Darija Siegaite
Darija Siegaite Oy oldin
he seems happy with Elinna
Junior Browning
Junior Browning Oy oldin
Junior Browning
Junior Browning Oy oldin
Hi wut wrong with jensen
TheMaryMuffinz Oy oldin
Wowwww elliana is a savage lol love u elliana and this is not a hate comment
Dakota Queen
Dakota Queen Oy oldin
Finally the comments on on one of them 😂😂😊😊🙏🙏
Aubrey Acevedo
Aubrey Acevedo Oy oldin
Jentzen"oh its so cold!" Elliana"jumps and nearly drowns" lev a few secondss after omg thats actully so cold"
PigletMastermind Oy oldin
The whole time when elliana said she was gonna jump I kept thinking to myself , please take off the Jewelry first 🤣
Alfie Marshman
Alfie Marshman Oy oldin
Hi lev and pipper
Beauty Plays
Beauty Plays Oy oldin
I liek to yeet trump
Beauty Plays
Beauty Plays Oy oldin
You guys have the perfect life I’m stuck in the house which no pool cuz I at my grandparents house and my grandpa broke my pool on purpose so yea I’m having no fun
justdani42crazy Oy oldin
Piper knows were addison rea lives 💗💗💗💗😁😁😁ask her lol
Olivia Morales
Olivia Morales Oy oldin
Only me that loved ellips and levs friendship😊 I also just remembered that they prob know each other before Ellie joined the squad bc they were on DWTS😛
Simply Midnight
Simply Midnight Oy oldin
Did elliana move into Pipers house??????
Sofia Pavlenko
Sofia Pavlenko Oy oldin
Он русский!!
Hailey Montjoy
Hailey Montjoy Oy oldin
Poor lola!
Ally_xo Oy oldin
See when piper was doing cpr u know doing that on ppl that dont need it they can die
Gamer BelindaTV
Gamer BelindaTV Oy oldin
Janzon also your Mel's blue
I love ur Videos videos
Ariel aparicio
Ariel aparicio Oy oldin
Do you guys sell cookies?
Hello Hihi
Hello Hihi Oy oldin
Ellie: I can’t breathe Piper: oh no u can’t :o Me: can anyone breathe under water tho ;-;
Hello Hihi
Hello Hihi Oy oldin
Elliana.. i do t think anyone can Breathe under water..
Addison Sicard
Addison Sicard Oy oldin
Lev you are not a good camera holder..
Tilly Lewis
Tilly Lewis Oy oldin
Lev leave piper alone in hear room or i will unscribe
Hannah W
Hannah W Oy oldin
Title: I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE DID THIS She literally just jumps into a pool..
bridget Popoca
bridget Popoca Oy oldin
They seem like fun pepole but they should do more video vlogs like this
bridget Popoca
bridget Popoca Oy oldin
They seem like fun pepole but they should do more clogs like this there nice
ButterballBrynn1238 6
ButterballBrynn1238 6 Oy oldin
RIP piper
Maricela Velasquez
Maricela Velasquez Oy oldin
Lisa Barnett
Lisa Barnett Oy oldin
Does anyone notice when jetson kissed aliana on the. Hand thier was a ps5?
Samar Salih
Samar Salih Oy oldin
Classic Ellie
Fatina Galberth
Fatina Galberth Oy oldin
It is last to fall asleep wins a Vacation
Fatina Galberth
Fatina Galberth Oy oldin
can you do a favor
Fatina Galberth
Fatina Galberth Oy oldin
Hey lev
It's amazing how Lev and Jentzen always get the "you are screwed" face from Elliana XD
Ahmef Mohammed
Ahmef Mohammed Oy oldin
cleoshines Oy oldin
*Who is that filming lev when he was in the chair? Just wondering lmao :)* *Edit: I loved when Elliana jumped, it it gave me such aesthetic vibes!
Zurie and Zaria
Zurie and Zaria Oy oldin
layla jones
layla jones Oy oldin
Lowkey jenzen reminds me of camron Boyce sounds like him look like him a little bit r.i.p camron Boyce
Grace Mumbi Kuria
Grace Mumbi Kuria Oy oldin
i was looking for houses and i legit found levs address...
Alberta Murphy
Alberta Murphy Oy oldin
My name is Alysce I am using my grandma phone
Alberta Murphy
Alberta Murphy Oy oldin
Rares 123
Rares 123 Oy oldin
Sloane Lopez
Sloane Lopez Oy oldin
I hated that “hair cut”
Nicky Hughes
Nicky Hughes Oy oldin
Your name leb
Grace O'Brien
Grace O'Brien Oy oldin
Elliana: *shakes dogs bootie* Jentzen:I dOnT LiKe tHiS!!!!
Evie Sedgwick-Read
Evie Sedgwick-Read Oy oldin
Love the squad ❤️❤️❤️
Triaune Oy oldin
iiiiii couldn't swim
Simply Millie
Simply Millie Oy oldin
Hey hru
fiona peck
fiona peck Oy oldin
J u n e d A h m e d
J u n e d A h m e d Oy oldin
no regrets 😁😁😁
Layla Raqib
Layla Raqib Oy oldin
Bryanna Burrell
Bryanna Burrell Oy oldin
Oh a joke you are so funny I’m glad you feel this because I am laughing so hard like I’m dying laughing